मनोविज्ञान और मनोचिकित्सा जर्नल

मनोविज्ञान और मनोचिकित्सा जर्नल
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आईएसएसएन: 2161-0487

आयतन 10, मुद्दा 1 (2020)

समीक्षा लेख

Impact on Growing Diversity & Multi-Cultural Counseling at Work Place in Singapore: A Review

Dr. Christopher Fong D Prof

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शोध आलेख

Occupational Stress and Its Associated Factors among Health Care Professionals Working At a Setting of a Specialized Mental Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2017: A Hospital-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Simiret Tekeletsadik*, Haregewoin Mulat, Mogesie Necho, Tsegereda Waja

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