इंटरनेशनल जर्नल ऑफ़ स्कूल एंड कॉग्निटिव साइकोलॉजी

इंटरनेशनल जर्नल ऑफ़ स्कूल एंड कॉग्निटिव साइकोलॉजी
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Nutritional challenge in children with Congenital malformations

Natalia Orlova

Causes of protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) in them are multifactorial, and malnourishment could also be thanks to motor disorders, digestive problems, medicine use, and therefore the social environment. PEM is one among the foremost serious medical problems round the world. consistent with WHO research, in poor families in 22- 35% of youngsters aged 2 to six years, the weight (BW) is below the 5th percentile, the expansion of 11% of youngsters is below the 5th percentile. In hospitalized children, various sorts of PEM are still common, which aggravates the course of the disease, worsens their prognosis, and causes a delay within the physical and neurological development of youngsters. In Ukraine, together of low income and middle income countries (LMICs), PEM is detected and diagnosed almost actively especially in children with neurologic impairment