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आयतन 8, मुद्दा 1 (2023)


The Colon and Rectum Make up the Internal Organ

Mutsuhiro Nakao

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The Stroma Contains Nonmalignant

Shaikh M Rahman

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शोध आलेख

Higher prevalence of breast cancer in cities with higher Human Development Index: an epidemiological study at Cancer Hospital of Muriae-MG

Larissa Bonato Bertoni Murta Silva

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शोध करना

Structural abnormalities of chromosomes caused by the electric charges and their implications on cancer and other human diseases and health conditions

Ivan Kanev1*, Jennifer Grove1** Kelli Novak1, Gleb Haynatzki2

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Phyllodes tumor arising in the ectopic breast tissue of axilla- A rare pathology

Rabbia Zubair

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