थर्मोडायनामिक्स और कैटलिसिस जर्नल

थर्मोडायनामिक्स और कैटलिसिस जर्नल
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Viscometric Study of Molecular Interactions in Dimethyl Carbonate +n-Alkoxyethanol Mixtures at Different Temperatures

SK Beebi, SKM Nayeem, GR Satyanarayana, A Venkateshwara Rao, D Bala and C Rambabu

The viscosities (η) and densities (ρ) have been measured for the binary mixtures of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) with 2-alkoxyethanols such as 2-methoxyethanol (MOE), 2-ethoxyethanols (EOE) and 2-butoxyethanols (BOE) over the entire range of mole fraction at T=(303.15, 308.15, 313.15, 318.15) K and at constant atmospheric pressure. The excess/deviation properties such as deviation in viscosity and excess Gibbs free energy of activation of viscous flow are calculated. Excess/deviation properties are correlated by the Redlich-Kister equation to obtain the binary coefficients and standard deviations. Further several semi empirical models such as Grunberg-Nissan, Katti- Chaudhri, Heric-Brewer and Hind et al. are used to correlate the viscosity of binary mixtures. The values of Δη, which refers to the deviation of the experimental values of the viscosity of the mixture from the mole fraction mixture law rules, are found to be negative for all the mixtures. The results are discussed in terms of molecular interactions due to physical, chemical and structural effects between the unlike molecules.