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Validation of Two-Dimensional Digital Photogrammetry Measurement for Hand Anthropometric Dimensions

Thaneswer Patel*,Bishorjit Ningthoujam,Pankaj Kumar,Srijana Gurung

The surface anatomy of a human hand and dimensional features like size, shape, etc., influence the functional aspects of hand uses. The anthropometric measurement of various hand dimensions can provide the fundamental data to support several ergonomically design of equipment/tool to improve work efficiency, comfort, and safety. Traditionally, anthropometric measurements for different dimensions in a standardized posture are time-consuming and costly. Hence, the objective of this paper was to compare the accuracy of various hand dimensions measured by using manual and ImageJ processing software methods. In the research 20 participants were selected randomly for measurement of 22 different hand dimensions by manual and 2D image processing methods. During the experiment stationary bench was used for taking a photograph of hand to maintain the predetermined distance for each participant. Set digital caliper to zero before taking any measurement. The mean and SD of the measured data was found to be a similar and statistical analysis of t-test revealed that there was no significant difference between the manual and photo anthropometric results as the p>0.05. The correlation coefficients of measured dimensions were also similar in both methods ranging from 0.902 to 0.993 respectively. Further, the time required by both the means does not have a significantly different. However, 2D image process have better advantages as there was no involvement of participants during the measurement procedure.