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मेडिकल एवं सर्जिकल यूरोलॉजी
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Uretero-arterial Fistula by a Double-J Ureteric Stent in a Stented Internal Iliac Artery Aneurysm

Elbaset MA, Abdelwahab Hashem, Ahmed Atwa, Badawy MA and Yasser Osman

We represent a-65-year-old male patient presented with indwelling left JJ stent for obstructed solitary kidney drainage. The obstruction was due to internal iliac artery aneurysm, had been managed by trans-femoral self-expandable coated endovascular stenting. This patient readmitted with recurrent attacks of hematuria with displaced JJ stent and rising serum creatinine twice. In the first admission, the patient was managed by JJ stent readjustment and Percutaneous Nephrostomy tube (PCN) and was discharged safely. Again, he presented with UAF associated with aggressive hematuria mostly due to vascular endoleak rupture. The patient developed severe sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.