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बाल रोग और चिकित्सा विज्ञान
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Tobacco Consumption in Adolescents From the Medical Sciences in Cuba

Jesús Cuéllar Álvarez*, Yolaine Cazales García

Background: The analysis in adolescent’s smokers as prevention from the medical sciences is one of the lines of the work team in the consultation of ceasing tobacco.

Objective: To analyze the tobacco consumption in adolescents from the medical sciences in Cuba. The investigation embraced one period from October 2018 to September 2019.

Materials and methods: It was carried out in a study descriptive, retrospective, for sampling intentional non probabilistic and with an universe composed by 18 old adolescents of the Policlinic José Ramón León Acosta. It gathers the data carried out through the empiric method as the clinical histories, interviews structured, and the questionnaire and for the analysis of the data the statistical calculation was used.

Results: The group's overall health was superior because they had the information to change their lifestyles, which allowed them to grow with the minimal restrictions possible.

Conclusion: The difficulties are focused in the systematic development of psychosocial and to prevent risk factors in adolescents with addiction.