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The Relationship between Eating Disorder and General Life Stressors among College Students in Jordan

Alshawashereh OM*, Arrabi Fisal, Abu Gazal and Mouawiah P

Background: College students, in their transitional period to adulthood and into university environment may face emotional and psychological stress, due to new social environment, financial demands, academic caseload, new responsibility and expectations by their parents and peers. Eating disorder can become a coping strategy among students. Eating disorders considered being a significant problems and important issue concerning the care of young adults all over the world. The study aims to investigate the relationship between eating disorders and general life stressors among college students in Jordan.
Methods: A student’s survey for General Life Stressors Inventory (GLSI), and Eating disorder scale were both developed and administered to college students.
Results: The results indicated a moderate level of general life stressors and a low level of eating disorder among students. Moreover the results showed a significant positive relationship between general life stressors and eating disorder.
Conclusion: Life stressors can be a very good predictor of eating disorder among college students. Moreover, there is no significant difference in general life stressors and eating disorders among students due to their Gender, Major, and Place of residence. Implications are in progress for focusing researches on life stressors as an effort in fostering intervention programs for eating disorder among students.