जर्नल ऑफ़ मॉलिक्यूलर पैथोलॉजी एंड बायोकैमिस्ट्री

जर्नल ऑफ़ मॉलिक्यूलर पैथोलॉजी एंड बायोकैमिस्ट्री
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The Grouping of Sequencers: The Historical Backdrop of Sequencing DNA

Victoria Holmes

Deciding the request for nucleic corrosive buildups in natural examples is a basic part of a wide assortment of examination applications. Throughout the most recent fifty years enormous quantities of scientists have put forth a concentrated effort to the creation of methods and advancements to work with this accomplishment, sequencing DNA and RNA atoms. This time-scale has seen gigantic changes, moving from sequencing short oligonucleotides to a great many bases, from battling towards the derivation of the coding grouping of a solitary quality to fast and broadly accessible entire genome sequencing. This article crosses those years, repeating through the various ages of sequencing innovation, featuring a portion of the key revelations, analysts, and groupings en route.