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इंटरनेशनल जर्नल ऑफ फिजिकल मेडिसिन एंड रिहैबिलिटेशन
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The Effect of Personality Type on the Response to Physical Therapy Methods in Chronic Low Back Pain

Seide Karasel

Low back pain is a common health problem that can cause morbidity. Chronic low back pain is associated with physical disability and depressive mood. The main purpose in the management of chronic pain is to improve quality of life and decrease pain and increase mobility and social relationships. Although there are studies assessing chronic pain prevalence, psychological effects, and chronic pain-personality relation studies; there are no studies about personality effect on treatment response in chronic pain.

We evaluated patients who applied to our clinic due to chronic low back pain between 2020-2021.The study group was comprised of 64 patients with back pain that exceeded 6 months’ duration. The patients were given a home based exercise program. Also 15 sessions of physiotherapy program during 3 weeks, consisting of TENS, ultrasound and hot pack.All scales and measurements were performed 2 times in all patients: at study initiation (before-treatment scores), as soon as treatment was completed (after-treatment scores).

This study is planned to investigate the effect of personality type on chronic low back pain and quality of life and also the effect of personality type on the response to physical therapy methods applied in chronic low back pain. Relationship between personality and chronic low back pain, quality of life and response to physical therapy is hypothesized but there is no statistically significant difference. Further studies with more patients needed to investigate relationship between chronic low back pain and personality.