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अवसाद और चिंता का जर्नल
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Relationship between Physical Activity Levels and Internet Addiction of Adults

Metin Sahin and Sefa Lok

Objective: It is important to assess internet addiction in adult individuals. In this study, it is aimed to determine the relationship between the level of physical activity and internet addiction of adult. Research Methodology: The study was conducted with face-to-face interviews with a total of 100 adult individuals. In gathering the data; information form prepared by researchers questioning socio-demographic information of individuals, International Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form which evaluates the physical activity levels of the elderly and Young Internet Addiction Test Short Form which evaluates internet addiction status. Research is planned in a descriptive relational type. The sample of the research was created by adult individuals who came to an institution for training. In determining the sample of the research, the universal sampling method was used. Results: When the participants’ physical activity levels and internet addiction scale mean scores were evaluated; 18.6% were found to be inactive, 43.92% to be minimal active and 37.33% to be very active. The average score of Internet addiction scale was 47.24 ± 3.25. When the relationship between participants’ physical activity and internet dependency was evaluated, a moderate relation was found between physical activity and internet addiction in the negative direction (p<0.05). Conclusion: When the results obtained from the study are evaluated, women, marriages, primary school graduates and those with internet usage time of 11-15 hours are in the risk group for physical activity. The lower the level of physical activity, the higher is the internet addiction.