क्रोमैटोग्राफी और विभाजन तकनीक जर्नल

क्रोमैटोग्राफी और विभाजन तकनीक जर्नल
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Quantification of Pesticide Residues in Vegetables by Different Chromatographic Techniques

Anam Munawar and Syed Waqas Hameed

Cypermethrin, chlorpyrifos and imidacloprid residues were determined in different vegetables. During 2013, samples were collected from different six major vegetable markets from Lahore. Ethyl acetate was used for extraction, whattman fluted filter and charcoal was used for cleaning procedure. High performance thin layer chromatography was used for detection, as well as quantification of pesticides. Confirmation of results was done by using gas chromatography/mass spectrophotometer. From results, it was concluded that different vegetables contain different concentration of pesticides means adsorption rate is different for each pesticide and vegetable. 79% samples were contaminated with cypermethrin, 70% from imidacloprid and 65% samples were contaminated from chlorpyrifos. Pumpkin, okra, egg plant, cucumber spinach and cabbage were contaminated with pesticides. Peeling of vegetables resulted in less concentration of pesticide.