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Prevelance of Cervical Pain in Make-Up Artist and Hair Dressers of Lahore

Amirah Zafar

In two third of population, cervicalgia is a common problem
also known as neck pain. It may arise due to joint disruption
and muscular tightness of upper back and neck. Many of the
population in the world complain neck pain and the causing
agent may be social, environmental and psychological. Some of
the common causes of neck pain are prolonged static posture,
minor fall or injuries, physical and emotional stress, pinched
nerve, referred pain, protruding and bulging disc and extent of
activity. In a study, it was revealed that workers who were
involved in prolonged activities with flexed neck complain of
neck pain. Some symptoms of neck pain include numbness and
tingling, stiffness of neck, headache and weakness. Neck pain
can be caused with or without neurological deformities. Cervical
spondylosis, injuries to soft tissues and ligaments are major
reasons of cervical pain.