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अवसाद और चिंता का जर्नल
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Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients on Follow up at Ambo General Hospital, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia, Institutional Based Cross Sectional Study

Takele Tiki

Background: Both diabetes and depression are associated with premature morbidity and mortality, and when these conditions co-exist, the risk of developing co-morbidities, complications, patient suffering and associated cost, escalates.

Objective: To assess the prevalence and associated factors of Depression among patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus on follow up at Ambo general hospital, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.

Method: Institutional based cross-sectional study was conducted in 2016. Systematic random sampling technique was employed to select study participants and assessed for Depression and Anxiety scale using (HADS-D). The collected data was entered into Epi-info version 7 and analysis was done after the data transported to SPSS version 20. Odds ratio with the 95% confidence interval was calculated using logistic regression analysis and the level of significance of association was determined at P- value <0.05.

Results: A total of 423 participants were studied, with a response rate of 100%. The overall prevalence of depression was found to be 47%. Being female (AOR=2.94 (95%CI (1.87,4.64)),no formal education (AOR=2.48 (1.28, 4.77)),current use of alcohol (AOR=3.52 (1.64, 7.55)), T1DM (AOR= 2.77 (1.69, 4.55)), greater than five years duration of diabetes mellitus illness (AOR=2.63 (1.59,4.32),chronic complication of diabetes mellitus {AOR=2.24 (1.20,4.18} and other additional chronic illness (AOR=2.53 (1.51, 4.24)) were significantly associated factors depression among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Conclusion: Developing guidelines and training of health workers in Diabetes mellitus clinics is useful to screen and treat depression among Diabetes Mellitus patients.