क्लिनिकल और सेलुलर इम्यूनोलॉजी जर्नल

क्लिनिकल और सेलुलर इम्यूनोलॉजी जर्नल
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Prednisone May Improve the Outcomes of Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Increased Levels of Peripheral Nk Cells: A Real World Clinical Report

Pierpaolo Di Micco, Ida Strina, Roberto Nisini, Marco Antonio Rigatti and Corrado Lodigiani

Recurrent pregnancy loss is a major health problem that may involve nearly 3-5% of women in reproductive age. Several causes of recurrent pregnancy loss are well known and currently investigated and treated in daily practice. Immunological abnormalities are frequently discussed in this clinical setting although not clearly investigated, not only for diagnostics tools but also for a therapeutic support prompt to clinical outcome.

Increased levels of peripheral NK cells is in fact a well-recognized abnormality in women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss but studies on its treatment are lacking in the literature. We report a clinical series from our personal database on selected women with increased NK cells and recurrent pregnancy loss treated with low doses of prednisone.