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Oxidative Steam Reforming of Bioethanol over Rh/CeO2-Al2O3 Catalyst for Hydrogen Production

Anamika Srivastava and Pant KK

Oxidative steam reforming of ethanol for hydrogen production was studied over 1%Rh/CeO2Al2O3 catalyst prepared in the laboratory. Support with CeO2 content of 5wt% on γ -Al2O3 was prepared by impregnation with Ce(NO3)3.6H2O solution. The effects of temperature (450°C and 550°C), Water/Ethanol ratio (mol/mol) (3 and 8) and Oxygen/Ethanol molar ratio (0.23 and 0.3) were studied at 1 atmospheric pressure in a down-flow tubular fixed bed reactor. The percentage conversion of ethanol ranged from 90% to 98% and maximum hydrogen selectivity was observed up to 70% at a selected Water /Oxygen/Ethanol molar ratio at 550°C. On increasing Water/Ethanol molar ratios in the feed, the catalytic activity for hydrogen production could be enhanced.