आपातकालीन चिकित्सा: ओपन एक्सेस

आपातकालीन चिकित्सा: ओपन एक्सेस
खुला एक्सेस

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Migration of a Steel Wire Leading to Cardiac Tamponade after Esophageal Perforation: A Case Report

Wei-Tao Liang, Su Wang, Jian Zhou, Chen-Jun Han, Qiang Liu, Xiao-Yun Wu and Wang-Fu Zang

Background: Migration of a foreign body to tissues outside the esophagus is rare but potentially lethal condition that requires prompt recognition and management to achieve a favorable outcome.

Case report: we report a rare case of cardiac tamponade caused by esophageal perforation after foreign body ingestion in a 48-year-old man. Once the computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a 1.8 cm foreign body penetrating from the esophagus into the pericardium, an urgent surgery was performed. The foreign body, a steel wire, was removed and the abraded surface of left ventricle was repaired. Fortunately, the patient has recovered and is doing well at the time of this writing.

Conclusion: The cardiac tamponade caused by esophageal perforation represents a life-threatening emergency, and delay in diagnosis can result in a significant increase in morbidity and mortality. Thus, timely identification and appropriate treatment would have a positive on patient’s outcome.