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Less Radical Surgery for Fertility Preservation in Patients with Early-Stage Invasive Cervical Cancer Contemporary Problematics

Nikolaos Thomakos, Sofia-Paraskevi Trachana, Alexandros Rodolakis, Aristotelis Bamias and Aris Antsaklis

Cervical cancer, is a middle age women’s disease. Nowadays, because of the postponement of childbearing at older age, women younger than 45 years old who are diagnosed with cervical cancer, have a strong desire for preserving fertility. For this reason, Radical Trachelectomy (Vaginal and Abdominal) is used worldwide.

In this article, we review data on procedures for fertility preservation, namely Radical Trachelectomy, less invasive procedures and Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, based on the literature over the past 12 years. Oncological and Obstetrical outcomes are analyzed.

In conclusion, Radical Trachelectomy, is an oncologically safe procedure for women with early invasive cervical cancer. However, a number of considerations regarding the selection criteria, patient’s information and especially the complications and the postoperative quality of life, should be taken into account.