जर्नल ऑफ़ क्लिनिकल केमिस्ट्री एंड लेबोरेटरी मेडिसिन

जर्नल ऑफ़ क्लिनिकल केमिस्ट्री एंड लेबोरेटरी मेडिसिन
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Laboratory informatics in covid-19 pandemic era

Amirhosein Gholizadeh, Fateme Mohamadkhani, Farzaneh Kermani

Data and information technology is a key component in responding to covid-19 disease and is an effective way for informing personnel, resource management, and inter-intra organizational communication.(1) During the pandemic, technology-based tools enable organizations to facilitate the widespread information dissemination, real-time tracking, meetings and daily activities virtualization and telemedicine visits for patients, physicians, and other health care providers as a major risk group of Covid-19.(2, 3) In response to pandemic conditions, hospital leaders can use clinical informatics to assist in decision making, medical care virtualizing and workflows defining.(4) Among them, the informatics team is considered as a supporter and facilitator in providing new care methods, helping to track and predicting the impact of relevant data.