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योग और शारीरिक चिकित्सा जर्नल
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Influence of Zr+ Ion Beam Irradiation on Structure and Fatigue Durability of 12Cr1MoV Steel

Panin SV , Vlasov IV, Sergeev VP, Maruschak PO, Ramasubbu Sunder and Ovechkin BB

Cyclic tension and bending tests of heat-resistant 12Cr1MoV steel specimens in as received state as well as after Zr+ ion beam irradiation were carried out. The differences in patterns of strain induced relief formation, as well cracking of thin modified surface layer were observed and analyzed by means of optical microscopy and interference profilometry. Changes to take place in subsurface layer of 150 μm thick were characterized by means of microindentation, metallography and scanning electron microscopy. It is shown that mechanical properties of irradiated specimens are mostly influenced due to thermal treatment to take place during irradiation rather than formation of a 2 μm thin surface layer doped with Zr. The differences in deformation behavior are interpreted in terms of physical mesomechanics concepts.