प्रदूषण प्रभाव और नियंत्रण जर्नल

प्रदूषण प्रभाव और नियंत्रण जर्नल
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Impacts of Illegal Urbanization on Fire Crash Hazards: A Case Study of Dhaka, Bangladesh

MD Sailful Islam, Ali Sahin

The study discusses the illegal urbanization and unfortunate fire crash hazards in different parts of Dhaka city. The security and safety of the city’s people and their entire economy’s wheel will inevitably come to a halt, even when the crisis remains the same in a particular phase. Thus, Dhaka city’s infrastructure, as well as the country’s economy, will be threatened. The quantitative method was adopted, and data was collected via an online questionnaire survey and existing published sources, official records, and survey reports. The Ordinal Logistic Regression (OLR) analysis revealed fire crash hazards in Dhaka due to illegal urbanization. Some disappointing factors of urbanization have been identified that are responsible for fire crash hazards in Dhaka city. The study results also detect that fire crash hazards have a high economic effect. For this reason, policymakers, city planners, and politicians need to search for solutions to these fire crash hazards. Requiring sustainable directions and urban progress of Dhaka city, the study outcomes come up with several relatable strategy policies and initiatives embedded at the end of the research.