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Impacted Cera Septal Occluder Device in Right Ventricular Outflow Tract (RVOT): A Potential Challenge for the Anesthesiologist

Indira M, Tanunita M, Soumyadip S, Saket A and Tomar AS

Atrial septal defects are amenable to management by surgical and transcatheter device (TC) closure. Though, TC closure has several advantages it is fraught with many complications, such as device embolization (DE), arrhythmias and thrombus formation to name a few. DE is uncommon in experienced hands, but it can occur right from the immediate post-procedure period to after a few months or even years. DE has been reported from a multitude of locations and retrieval is possible percutaneously in majority of cases. However, there are instances where an embolized device may result in potentially life threatening complications, thus necessitating surgical intervention and pose a challenging scenario for the anaesthesiologist.