एचआईवी: वर्तमान शोध

एचआईवी: वर्तमान शोध
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HIV Biotherapy and Natural Chemotherapeutic Agents

Da-Yong Lu, Jin-Yu Che, Ting-Ren Lu, Jin-Fang Che, Bin Xu and Jian Ding

Due to the limitation of present HIV/AIDS chemotherapies (incurable for HIV infected patients), new types of anti-HIV agents or clinical therapeutic strategies are desperately needed. Developing anti-HIV drugs of highly activity and penetrable into HIV-infected human cells and tissues is indispensable. HIV biotherapy and natural chemotherapeutic agents are those types of therapeutics. This article addresses the topics of HIV biotherapy and natural chemotherapeutic drug developments—including antibody or interferon therapy, modern diagnosis, genomic editing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, drug developmental pipeline innovation and so on.