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Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Clove Planter: The Mechanization in Garlic Cultivation

Shubham Ramesh Zilpilwar, Rajvir Yadav, Punil Gajjar

In this study the traditional method of garlic planting is brought under the roof of farm mechanization by developing the tractor operated garlic clove planter. Garlic is commonly known as Allium sativum L. and it belongs to “Alliaceae” family. From ancient times garlic had been planted by manually. Even though garlic crop is more profitable but due to laborious planting operation the area under the garlic cultivation is reducing. In view of the above considerations under this study development of nine row garlic planter using spoon type precision metering mechanism for garlic planting. Actual field capacity was found to be 0.32 ha/h, which is 168 times of the manual dibbling and 21 times of the manual garlic planter. The payback period of the developed planter was calculated 2.27 years. The developed planter tested in laboratory and field. The quality of feed index, mechanical seed damage, effective field capacity and field efficiency were found to be 86.82%, 5.51%, 0.32 ha/h and 80.33%, respectively.