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अवसाद और चिंता का जर्नल
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Factors Affecting Adolescent Mental Health

Neslihan Lök*, Kerime Bademli and Muammer Canbaz

This study was conducted to evaluate mental health status of secondary school students. The study sample consisted of 176 senior high school students attending a secondary school. Socio-demographic information form and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) have been used to collect data. Chi square test has been used for evaluating the relationship between socio demographic characteristics and GHQ-12. The average age of the adolescents participating in the study is 16.34 ± 1.34, 45.9% is female, 52.1% is not working mother, 48.7% is working father, 47.9% is mother and 38.0% is high school and higher. It was determined that 39.8% of the students lived in the core family. As a result of the General Health Questionnaire of the adolescents, it was seen that 41.47% of the adolescents scored below 2.58. 52% scored 2 or more, and the group was risky for mental health.