कुक्कुट, मत्स्य पालन और वन्यजीव विज्ञान

कुक्कुट, मत्स्य पालन और वन्यजीव विज्ञान
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Experiential Learning Programme (ELP): An Approach towards Developing Skilled Professionals

Lokesh Pawar*, Priyabati Devi Brahmacharimayum

Experiential Learning (EL) is a concept and practice that encourages educators to intentionally include students in hands-on learning and focused reflection in order to advance knowledge, foster skills and entrepreneurship, and instil values. This article is going to cover the ELP programme which is being is function for almost 14 years in Indian agricultural universities. It will throw light on major success stories and a case report of ELP programme at college of fisheries (central agricultural university-Imphal), Agartala, Tripura, India. Moreover, it will cover the success in terms of real implications and revenue generation.