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Developing Ergonomics on Hot Double Plate/Stove

Moti Melkamu

Hot double plate/ stove is an integrated electrical heating device which used to cook, bake and stew. Also electric stove may be controlled by a rotary switch. Most people uses this electric stove, especially peoples those living in urban area. Those stoves used for cooking and others are for preparing stew, therefore different types of stove are there. But At this research it consider on electric stove which used for stew or the other name of this stove is hot double plate of electric stove. Major number of the populations of Ethiopia those living in urban (city) uses this hot double plate for prepare stew, There are some ergonomically problems on that stove. This stove hasn’t foot; it is directly put on the land (ground) and use it. On the other hand there is no distance/height or space between the land (ground) and the stove. Users do their job always fully stretching to down ward, but the body and age of all peoples are not the same so it’s difficult to stretch beyond of his ability during doing their jobs. Not only this but also, the back body of the user of the stove is concave to downward during uses. The duration of using that stove is at least three times per day, so this problem it affect the peoples those uses hot double plate. After a long period of time the output of this problem is back pain and knee pain happened on the peoples. This research wants to develop ergonomics on the hot double pale in order to solve exist of the problems. This problems solved through ergonomic system make/ design the foot in both direction for exist stove, in order to make space in some height between the ground to the stove for easily appropriate for use. When it design the foot of the stove by using solid work software and considering the body of the user with height of stove foot. Then after it making of the foot on the stove in both directions, the exits problem get a solution and also the users satisfying with easily use that stove during doing their job with reduced of back pain and knee pain.