आंतरिक चिकित्सा: खुली पहुंच

आंतरिक चिकित्सा: खुली पहुंच
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Desmoid Tumors: Three New Observations

Fatma Ben Fredj Ismail, Haifa Ben Sassi, Abdallah Mtimet, Amel Rezgui, Monia Karmani, Samira Azzebi and Chedia Laouani Kechrid

Desmoid tumors, also called aggressive fibromatosis, have been described for the first time by John McFarlane in 1832; they are rare, but not exceptional. They are part of deep fibromatosis and described as infiltrating fibrous proliferations without metastasis, but with tendency to recur locally. Their benign histological structure contrasts with their local aggressivity and their therapy remains the major problem. We report three new cases diagnosed in an Internal Medicine Department in three women aged respectively of 54, 27 and 37 years. The respective locations were ovary, inguinal and parietal region of the scapular. Therapy was based mainly on surgery. The desmoid tumor is suspected on clinical and radiological signs and confirmation of diagnosis is pathological. Regular monitoring of patients is necessary because of the frequency of recurrences.