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अवसाद और चिंता का जर्नल
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Depression and its Associated Factors with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis at Baseline

Arshad Javaid, Sumaira Mehreen, Mazhar Ali Khan, Nadia Ashiq, Muhammad Ihtesham, Afsar Khan, Irfan Ullah, and Anila Basit

Background: Both depression and Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) are global public health problems with substantial impact on human health. However, depressive state among MDR-TB patients has not been well investigated in Pakistan.

Objective: To assess frequency of depression and to identify factors associated with depression at baseline among MDR-TB patients in our centre.

Method and design: This was a cross sectional study conducted at programmatic management of drug resistant TB unit (PMDT), Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar (LRH), Pakistan. A total of 289 MDR-TB patients were included in the study, which were enrolled for treatment in this unit from January 2012 till December 2013 and assessed at the time of registration for depression. Convenient sampling technique was used for data collection.

Result: A total of 289 patients were included in this study. Among total, 201(69.55%) of the study participants were classified depressed, 127 patients (63.18%) had mild depression, 61 patients (30.35%) had moderate depression, 13 patients (6.46%) were diagnosed with severe depression. Depression was found in 127 (43.9%) MDR-TB patients at the time of registration associated with different factors.

Conclusion: Gender, duration of illness, residence, co-morbidity and past TB treatment were associated and independent risk factors of depression.