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CPP as Promising Delivery of Chemotherapetic Agents: Review

Kabirdas B Ghorpade

Side effects of the conventionally used chemotherapies and the limited cell-permeability of the drugs owe to find out the most efficient strategies for the cancer treatment. In the recent years combination of compounds with limited cellpermeability with efficient delivery systems to minimize side effects and enhance cell-permeability is the area of interest for the formulators. The major obstacle of the anticancer drug is having limited cell-permeability of the drugs which results into the low bioavailability which limits the biological application of the anticancer drugs. The ability of the CPPs to internalizing all the cell types’ facilities the transport of cargos without any size restriction additionally they have high specificity and low toxicity profile. In this review we have discussed the challenges of the CPP as drug delivery and the applications of the CPP as compared to other conventionally used chemotherapies.