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अवसाद और चिंता का जर्नल
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Coping Styles Effect on Stress and Psychological Well-being among Individuals with Chronic Pain

Gloria KL*, Jen KH, Szarowski-Cox J, Hidetoshi H and Tzu AH

The current study aimed at investigating the effect of various coping mechanisms on the level of stress and psychological outcomes (depression and anxiety) among individuals with chronic pain. Ninety-four people with chronic pain completed a battery of tests regarding their perceived stress level, coping strategies of chronic pain, as well as psychological well-being in terms of depression and anxiety symptoms. Mediational analyses were conducted to test the mediating effect of various coping strategies on the relationship between stress and depression/anxiety. Results showed that among the four different groups of coping strategies, negative coping partially mediated between stress and depression, but not between stress and anxiety.