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Commentary on Dynamic Effect of Environmental Pollution on Coastal Tourism

Metilelu OO1*, Adeniyi MO2, Ekum MI2

Tourist resources can be contaminated and closed down if the contaminated are not cleared for degradation to set in. This study therefore developed a three-compartment dynamic model to show how tourism activities can generate pollution that can affect coastal tourism in Nigeria. The model has three dynamics non-overlapping compartments, which was applied to international tourist arrivals in Nigeria and estimated using moment method. The result showed that if the rate of degradation, carrying capacity, and contamination rate of a resource are not properly managed could increase the rate of pollution in the environment, while an increase in the clearance rate could reduce the level of pollution. It is therefore concluded that restrictions should be put in place to make sure carrying capacity of the resources is not exceeded, and the neatness of the environment should be ensured.