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मेडिकल एवं सर्जिकल यूरोलॉजी
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Bilateral Ureteral Duplication and Right Ectopic Ureter Presenting with Incontinence: A Case Report

Cassell AK*, Traoré A, Jalloh M, Ndoye M, Diallo A, Labou I, Niang L and Gueye SM

Bilateral duplicated system with ectopic ureter is a rare entity. Duplication and its associated anomalies are more common in females. Anomalies of the renal collecting system should be considered by clinicians and surgeons in patients presenting with urinary incontinence.

We present a 32-year-old female with a Bilateral Ureteral Duplication with Right Ectopic Ureter presenting with low volume Incontinence. We emphasized the importance of imaging in the diagnosis of anomalies of the renal collecting system presenting with incontinence.

In the absence of a dysplastic renal moiety, an ureteroneocystostomy is an ideal procedure of choice to correct incontinence from ectopic ureters in females.