संचार विकार, बधिर अध्ययन और श्रवण यंत्र जर्नल

संचार विकार, बधिर अध्ययन और श्रवण यंत्र जर्नल
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Art as a scaffold Designed for Communication of Hispanic Deaf People after Natural Disasters: A Mean to Communicate Feelings

Gabriela S. EstevesQuiñones*, Juanita Rodríguez

This research started in Puerto Rico in December 2017, two months after Hurricane Maria in which art, like painting and drawing, was used as an expression strategy for Deaf students to share how they felt after this catastrophic event. Two years have passed since hurricane María, and still, there are Deaf students who demonstrate repressed feelings towards this event. It was necessary to continue exploring the drawing technique with Deaf students because this population did not receive assistance (emotional assistance) to express their feelings like hearing students received as part of the intervention protocols after disasters, such as hurricane María. Agencies and organizations like Red Cross, and the American Child and Adolescents Psychiatric Association identified the emotional needs of children and adolescents in the Island and provided psychological support to handle the emotional challenges faced. However, none of the interventions were geared to support the Deaf community. This lack of support motivated me to continue the investigation with Deaf students to aid in their need to express their fears and insecurities resulting from a catastrophic event to develop an appropriated intervention suitable to their communication style.