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Applications of Graphene in Catalysis

Sunil P Lonkar and Ahmed A Abdala

The extraordinary and unique physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of graphene have led to the development of graphene-based materials for a wide range of applications in different fields. Amongst, the use of graphene-based materials in the field of catalysis has attracted the interests of researchers in the last few years. Due to its extremely high surface area and adsorption capacities, graphene is expected to function as an excellent catalyst support material. Moreover, an ability to tune its structure using desired functionalities have added significant versatility for such materials in metal free catalyst systems. The interest is due to the activity and stability of graphene based catalysts through tailoring its structures/morphologies, catalytic performance, and design for synthesis, catalytic mechanisms. This editorial note summarizes the versatile applications of graphene-based catalysts in organic synthesis as a carbocatalyst, metal free catalysis, in photocatalysis, and as a catalyst support and provides an outlook on future trends and perspectives for graphene applications in sustainable catalysis.