समुद्र विज्ञान और समुद्री अनुसंधान जर्नल

समुद्र विज्ञान और समुद्री अनुसंधान जर्नल
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Analysis of Temporal Variation and Heat Influx of Rocks in Lokoja Metropolis, Kogi State, Nigeria

Christian Chijioke Agu*

This research aims at analyzing the heat influx and the temporal variation of rocks in Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. With the objectives of estimating the land surface temperature of lokoja, investigating the relative humidity and ambient air temperature variations and distributions impact on rock dwellers in the study area, examining the relationship between LST and Vegetation Density in lokoja metropolis and creating awareness of the effects of the rise in temperature in the study area. Satellite imageries and climate data were obtained and analyzed for LST, NDVI and Thermal comfort index. The results shows that vegetation tends to reduce and with an increase in surface temperature, which in turn mage the comfort index in the study area higher.