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An Elastic Two-Pocket Pelvic Belt for the Application of Local Lumbo-Pelvic Heat in Labour

Laura Tarrats Velasco, Sandra Cabrera Jaime, Carlos Rodrigo Gonzalo de Liria , Nuria Marti Ras , Manel Puig-Domingo

Background: When labor pain appears, pharmacological and non-pharmacological techniques can be offered as pain relief methods. Midwives may offer local heat application as a pain relief method. This paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation of the prototypes of a non-pharmacological method consisting of a thermal belt designed by midwives, which provides comfort and pain relief through the application of thermotherapy on both lumbar and suprapubic areas during labour.

Method: Prototypes of a thermal belt were designed, tested and protected as a business model. A randomized, parallel, open, non-blind clinical trial was conducted at the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, from Badalona (Barcelona) to assess the beneficial effects of heat application on lumbo-suprapubic pain during initial stages of labour. Participants were pregnant women in the prodromal, early and active labour (up to 4-5 cm of dilation), with lumbo-suprapubic pain. The intervention group received local heat at a temperature between 38-39°C on the lumbo-suprapubic areas for 30 minutes using an elastic pelvic belt as a pain relief device and was compared to a control group in which no heat was used.

Results: show that the application of local heat on lumbo-suprapubic areas during labour is effective since, after the intervention, pain level in the study group decreased significantly in the Visual Analogic Scale; and the thermal belt obtained a positive response amongst pregnant women who used it: tested with a global satisfaction index mean score of 80,94% over 100%.

Conclusion: Heat application on both lumbar and suprapubic areas in case of labor pain is effective in relieving pain. The heat pads subjection device, a new abdominal two-pocket belt, obtained positive feedback from women in the study group who used it and answered the satisfaction questionnaire.