जेनेटिक सिंड्रोम और जीन थेरेपी जर्नल

जेनेटिक सिंड्रोम और जीन थेरेपी जर्नल
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आईएसएसएन: ISSN: 2157-7412


A Review on Anticancer Immunotherapy

Hamna Rafi

Nanoparticle-based drug delivery system is the emerging therapeutic strategy preferred for cancer patients to improve their survival alongside quality of life. Beneficial therapeutic strategies are the major goal in immunology and oncology. Nanotechnology introduces targeted site specific nano-medicine for which different phytochemical loaded nano-carriers made it easily accessible. Where chemo immunotherapy shows promising results in cancer patients it has some limitations as well. A detailed work needed to be done on immunosuppression of immune response and role of immune system in case of tumorgensis. Major hindrance arise uptill now is that immunotherapy down regulates the activity of immune system by failing to recognize tumor antigens by host cells. Certain immune checkpoints have been observed while performing immunotherapy. These immune checkpoints show immune resistance especially for T cells that recognize tumor antigens. Research shows that these checkpoints are initiated by ligand receptor interaction. Anti-tumor immunity is enhanced by binding programmed cell death protein 1 and programmed cell death ligand 1.Cytotoxic drugs are considered as potential partners in blockade of checkpoints. More interest in immunotherapy considered as valid approach for cancer treatment and its limitations can be solved by aiming to the personalized therapies.