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एप्लाइड फार्मेसी के जर्नल
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A Novel Revolutionary Approach of a Synthesis and Application of Targeted Nanosponge Drug Delivery

Parag Raj Behura, Vamshi Krishna T

The novel and development of nanotechnology have brought a term targeted drug delivery system. Targeting a molecule to a specific site has brought a certain pharmacological action. Nanosponge is a part of nanotechnology which is both hydrophilic and lipophilic in nature. They are colloidal carriers which improve the aqueous solubility of the poorly soluble drug by enhancing and improving the physical and chemical stability and improving the permeability and bioavailability in the body tissues. Nanosponge are tiny sponges which are in the size of colloidal sizes and nanosized cavity. There general application can be seen in oral administration, parenteral administration, topical administration and available in the form of hydrogel. The current review discussion various methods of synthesis and application of nanosponges.