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A Heart-Focused Intervention: The Influence of Heart-Math Mindfulness Techniques and Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback on Public Speaking Anxiety

Nicole L. Morrissey*

Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA) is characterised by physiological arousal and fear of being negatively evaluated by an audience. There are several research-based interventions for PSA, including cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, and mindfulness practice; however, there is limited research on using Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRVB) for treating PSA. The current study explored a method of research and intervention that has yet to be investigated in existing literature: combining Heart-Math mindfulness techniques with HRVB for the purpose of treating PSA within an educational setting. An auto-ethnographic approach was used to understand the subjective experience of a single participant attending graduate level classes at a university in Nova Scotia, Canada. Reflective writing and heart rate variability data were systematically collected and analysed throughout the 12-week study period. The observed effectiveness of the intervention provides preliminary support for the usefulness of this intervention with PSA and offers direction for future expanded studies.