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A Framework for Adaptive Stress Testing (FAST) at the Workplace

Paul Jiménez and Anita Dunkl

In a comprehensive risk assessment at the workplace, all relevant risks at the workplace–and especially psychosocial risks that might be linked to negative health outcomes–have to be assessed. This detailed assessment of psychosocial risks should be done very detailed and as often as possible, which is often complicated as integrating this assessment into the organization’s structure and processes are difficult. In addition, a constant assessment could be experienced as stressful for the employees. We present a Framework for an Adaptive Stress Testing (FAST) as a strategy for an effective assessment of stress and psychosocial risks as a basis for the further development of prevention strategies. In three phases, psychosocial risks can be assessed economically and efficiently: 1) A short assessment with few items and obtaining a first feedback about the individual results, 2) An extended version of the assessment and obtaining a second feedback about the individual results, and 3) Getting in contact with supporting experts to discuss the individual results. FAST can be integrated in the process of risk assessment to get a quick and economical assessment of psychosocial risks to further develop specific interventions on the individual and organizational level.