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अवसाद और चिंता का जर्नल
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A Comprehensive Insight on Men Healing Men and Communities Network (MHMCN)

Jerry Watson*, Gregory Washington, Lamont D Simmons and Hanif Akinyemi

These days, the complexity of community problems cannot be easily addressed by historic and traditional interventions. Addressing community problems requires the integration of innovative strategies, techniques, and best practices grounded from evidence-based research. The purpose of this report is to provide comprehensive insight into the creation and implementation of the Men Healing Men and Communities Network (MHMCN) initiative. This case report reviews the efforts of human service professionals, community volunteers and university social work faculty; who together, serve as catalysts for change to create, develop, and nurture the mission and vision of MHMCN in Memphis, Tennessee. Unlike other initiatives that merely add to the knowledge that professionals and volunteers already possess, MHMCN sought to ignite ideas and insights that immediately translate into transformative action.